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The best way to make and sync a Kingdom account

Kingdom reports really are a must have to for any King fan. They allow you join with other King players and to synchronize your match advancement across multiple devices.

Linking your game and developing a Kingdom account means you won't lose your in-game progress!

For example, in the event you have reached level 121 in Candy Crush Saga on your phone, you are able to change to an alternate phone or computer, log in your account and start with that level - anytime, anyplace!

Creating an account is super simple! See this helpful video for a full rundown of the method.

If you’ve developed tired of amazing stanks emanating with a range of areas that are awesome, you must strive our Candy Puppy Love Saga Air Fresheners - accessible at Tesco.

Putrid aromas and funks beware, you’re about to get a blast of the freshness that is pleasant! You’ll stand in amazement off-brand smells and soul- questioning odours are eliminated by the power of Delicious Apple, Sweet Vanilla, Tasty Cherry, Diving Orange, Tropical Splash, and Sweet Berries
We are giving you, our valued player, the chance to win a batch of schwag so decadent and so big that Bacchus himself would blush at its opulence that is glorious!
Just head to the Candy Crush Air Freshener website to enter the prize draw! -
Candy Crush Saga: Cupid's Challenge

We are celebrating the season of love with a fresh Candy Crush Saga live - Cupid’s Challenge, occasion.

In Cupid’s Challenge, as possible to be in with a chance to win some awesome prizes you will need to amass as many striped candies!

You'll need to have passed level 10, to take part in Cupid’s Challenge! You’ll then have to gather 10 striped candies - which will enter you into a leaderboard with 30 random players.

End in the top three of the leaderboard and you'll win amazing in-game presents.

1st place: 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Hammer, 1 Free Switch, 1 Striped/Wrapped Sweets, 6 Hours Endless

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Are you a Soda champ?

Are you a Soda champ?
There comes a time in every Candy Crush Soda Saga player’s life where they should take a hard look in a mirror (made of candies of course) and ask themselves, am I a Pop Victor?

Toss and turn night after night, in bed ! Now you can prove to yourself as well as the entire world that you're indeed the Champion of Champions, the crusher the most divine, of sweets!

How does "The Divine Tournament" work?

The Divine Tournament divine being the highest and consists of 9 sections – bronze medal being the lowest. Flaunt your royal stuff and to be able to climb through the positions, you will have to compete in a range of weekly live-occasions.

If, at the conclusion of the week, you conclude at the top of the live-event’s leader board, you'll move up a division. In addition, the top ten players in virtually any division will receive boosters and other in-games goodies. Winning isn’t everything, but it’s rather good!

The Divine Tournament can be a cruel mistress. Players that end at the base of the pile will soon be demoted to the league below!

How do I enter?

Qualifying for the Divine Tournament is dependent upon which live event is featured.

Qualifying criteria:

Allen’s Star Contest
Collect 3 Stars

Kimmy’s Fishing Competition
Accumulate 20 fish

Striped Sweet Contest
Collect 20 striped candies

The Live Events

Each week you ’ll have to test your smashing skills in one of three taxing live- Striped Sweet Competition, Allen’s Star Chase, events and Kimmy’s Fishing contest.

Allen’s Star Chase
Intergalactic backpacker Allen the Alien is lost and needs your help to get him back on his way!

In this live-event, you’ll need to accumulate stars by completing amounts. The better you do in a degree, the more stars you’ll amass!

To increase the number of stars you gather, play with your last unlocked level. You will receive a 10x multiplier on the stars you collect because amount!

Striped Candy Contest
In the Striped Candy Competition before the event ends as possible, you are required to gather as many striped candies.

You need to create a match of four sweets in a row to amass striped candies! When the striped sweet has been created it will likely be added to your tally. You do when they have been formed, n’t need certainly to keep them, so feel free to use the sweets that are striped s content.

Remember, there exists a grab! In the event that you fail a level, y
ou may lose all of the striped sweets you might have gathered during that level.

Attempt to find levels which have only 4 colors or have more open spaces. The more open the board is, the more easy it will be to create striped candies.

Kimmy’s Fishing Contest
Nothing is more relaxing than getting out the old fishing iron trekking down to a beautiful lemonade lake and wiling the day away to the sweet sounds of nature. By gathering as many Swedish Fish as humanly possible help Kimmy on her fishing excursion!

During this live-event, when you match with a Swedish Fish it's going to be added to your total. In order to bank those Fish, you must finish the amount.

Failure to complete the amount will lead to you losing all your Fish! Eek!

Playing with the last level you've got unlocked will net you nifty 10x multiplier of any fish you've got gathered. If you actually want to make waves on the leader-board it pays to play with your latest degree!

The single thing left is for us to get this show on the road! The Divine Tournament is running yes right this very second! Show the world how good you are at Candy Crush Soda Saga and rise through the divisions like the ultimate victor you're!

Top 3 Owl level strategies

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is an excellent game that requires poise, tactics and strategy - especially in the Owl set levels.

Within an Owl degree, you need to collect a set number of Owls before the move counter reaches zero.

The Owls are spread throughout the amount and typically the final few Owls are perched somewhere near the top of the board.

There are lots of ways to approach an Owl level plus a successful strategy can change based on how many other barriers are about the board. Here are three strategies that might be worth attempting.
Strategy: Seek and destroy

This is actually the most clear strategy - hunt down the owls with extreme prejudice! When doing this, you need to concentrate on creating matches by taking advantages of Owls that are already next to colours that they match with that free Owls with as few moves as possible –.

One other significant part of the plan would be to ruin owls that are as possible. You need to give attention to matches that also raise the possibility of bubbles falling into the Vortex - which will then make up the board move, revealing more match chances.

Intelligent use and callous efficiency of any special orbs you build up can take care of those degrees very quickly.
The seek and destroy approach is best used in reasonably simple levels. I find it maximise creating matches with chains of Golems and can function nicely in Golem levels long as you pay attention to Golem designs.

It can also work well with degrees which contain Spiderwebs, but it is more successful if the Owls are in the heart of the Spider web.

Strategy: Rope a dope

When a level is a bit more devious and includes a mixture of Golems, Spider-webs, and Black bubbles, it could be useful to simply dismiss the owls for provided that you can.

With the Rope a dope, you actively prevent destroying the Owls before you have no option but to. The focus is on ruining obstacles and dealing with the most notable of the board as quickly as possible. Aim high, aim accurate on knocking on branches of bubbles into the Vortex with as few moves as possible and focus.

At first it sounds ridiculous however there is some method to the madness! When is ruined or falls into the vortex, if it wasn't ruined in a match that comprised the owl, the owl will fly away and find somewhere else to perch.
When an Owl has to locate a fresh dwelling, it will have a tendency to fly to other Owls of precisely the same colour or bubbles. The more owls you have looking for new houses the greater the opportunity that they all will clump together. Just like the old phrase goes, “fowl of a feather, flock.

The aim of this is always to make it much more likely that the board will have larger chains of bubbles and similar coloured Owls, letting you create chain reactions that are tremendous. After you get higher up the board, additionally, it means, you will be not as likely to be bereft of potential match options.

Word to the wise, choose when is the ideal time to gather them and you really do need to watch your move counter and the amount of owls on screen. Occasionally you just can’t must place and avoid it
Strategy: Nothing to see here…

Sometimes it is best to ignore the owls and play with the amount as though they weren’t there. I can’t describe any sense behind this, but I’ve by getting to the “clear the bubbles” attitude found success on some quite tricky amounts. Why it works, who knows, it if your attention is focused by zen magic on what bubbles really need popping - like they are calling out to you personally, begging to be set free.

Well or not as scientific thought out but, hey, it can operate!

These are when playing Owl levels two strategies we now have tried but there are many! How have you handled owls? Why don't we understand your expert “strats” in the comments below!

And for more advice, why not check out our Bubble Witch 3 Saga Beginner's guide?

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Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 17

Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 17

Chocolate Crush Pop Tale Stage 17

Amount type: Have The take above the candy chain
Number of motions: 17
Level of Bears:
Ideas to ENABLE YOU TO GET Former Candy Crush Soda Saga Degree 17

If you’re having difficulty with Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 17,

Or have questions about the recreation that is general in most cases leave a problem below in the answers.

This assists tell us which ranges people are experiencing difficulty

With to ensure essentially the most easily useful methods will be offered by that people.

We've been publishing techniques and guides for the toughest levels first,

But will make an attempt to help you with any stage you're experiencing issues with.

How are shown by your Chocolate Crush Soda Saga Degree 17 video tutorial

Precisely we concluded this amount if we got to it,

But Leader changes and adjusts ranges on a regular basis.

By going out of a comment for an even that is altered you are able to help us make

Chocolate Crush Pop Saga Degree Tips the whole source that individuals want it to be.

Should you desire to incorporate new Chocolate Break Pop Saga pals, get ideas in a hurry,

Or maybe moan to alevel in relation in case you are trapped, subscribe to our

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We’ve an overgrowing area of Candy Break Soda Saga people that are successful,

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Once we can, we’ll and candy Crush Soda Saga Guidelines respond to it.